Behaviour Festival 2014

Expect some of the most out-there and inventive pieces of live performance you’ll ever experience at this year’s Behaviour Festival.  Now in its fifth year, the Arches festival of live performance provides a snapshot of today’s most exciting international artists, presented alongside their Scottish counterparts.

Running until May 2, the festival includes 17 performances, many of which touch upon this year’s key themes of ‘politicised feminism’ and ‘the interaction of live music with other disciplines’.

I have never been to Behaviour before, but having watched the showreel and attended the launch, I am very excited about taking in some of this year’s shows, but also a little daunted. This is cutting-edge theatre, with a no-holds-barred approach to subject matter and means of expressing those subjects.  I am anticipating raw, naked, shocking, vital and confrontational performances (this is a strictly over 18s event).

Each of the 17 shows have piqued my interest, as each is groundbreaking in some shape or form. However, there are four shows in particular that I am hoping to see, as they fit under the Audience Adventures’ banner of out-of-the-norm, boundary pushing theatre:

Hate Radio – International Institute of Political Murder (March 14 & 16)

Hate Radio

Set in Rwanda in 1994 just before the genocide, Hate Radio recreates the broadcasts from real-life popular radio station, RTLM, where sport and music played on the airwaves alongside propaganda and incitements to violence.  German company IIPM are at the forefront of the emerging genre of documentary theatre, with vast amounts of research going into the creation of Hate Radio’s broadcast scripts, which are performed within the glass walls of a reconstructed radio station. Expect a very powerful experience; not one for the faint hearted.

Cain’s Book – Untitled Projects (March 27-29)

Cain's BookUntitled Projects look set to once again challenge the concepts of how theatre can be presented, with their interpretation of Scottish author Alexander Trocchi’s Cain’s Book. The fragmented source material has been turned into a three-hour live extravaganza, with the audience allowed to come and go as they please during the show, which consists of theatre, cinematic projection, dance interludes and live music. I’ve seen two of Untitled Projects’ works before, The Salon Project and Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner, and whilst their techniques can sometimes overwhelm the emotional engagement, I am always interested to see what this ambitious company do next.

Neighbourhood Forum – 21CC (April 29-30) Neighbourhood Forum

Taking place at a site outwith The Arches, 21CC invite you to attend a neighbourhood forum with a twist. The political performance takes on one of the biggest barriers to individuals and society – bureaucracy.  Share your personal and community woes and prepare to be entertained as 21CC attempt to solve them for you, in spite of the political institutions standing in both their, and your way.

Dark Behaviour – The Arches and 85A (May 2)

Dark BehaviourHow to end a festival which questions everything and everyone, offers insights without answers, and takes a glimpse into all kind of behaviours that exist? The Arches have teamed up with the polymathic arts-collective 85A, to offer a club night like no other to bring the festival to a felicitous close. Dark Behaviour is described as involving ‘unexpected happenings and strange sightings’ under the cover of dark, while you and fellow attendees allow ‘dark behaviours’ to unravel. Vague yet intriguing!

Tickets are priced around the £12 mark for individual performances and you can pick up a very reasonably priced festival pass for £48 from the Arches’ box office. For more info visit The Arches website.


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