Trilogy Blog – Part 2: Does length really matter?

What length have the longest and shortest plays ever performed been? Well, one is less than a minute long, whilst the other is more than a day long. Running times aside, the documented longest and shortest plays couldn’t be more polar opposites in terms of content, themes and who authored them.

The shortest is an incredibly pessimistic view of life from womb to tomb written by Samuel Beckett, the preeminent ‘theatre of the absurd’ playwright and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature (pictured in blog preview – he has such an amazing face that I couldn’t resist).

Whilst the longest is a morality tale by Vickrant Mahajan – a motivational speaker, bestselling author and former Mr India whose aim is to spread super positivity to the world.

Breath by Samuel Beckett (first performed in New York, 1969; noteworthy that the UK premiere took place at the Citizens in Glasgow in 1969)
Low level lighting, rubbish strewn across the stage, a baby’s cry…
Check it out below, if you’ve got the time and all.
Total running time: Approx. One minute

Yes Thank You Universe – A Tale of Two Attitudes by Vickrant Mahajan (first performed in Jammu, India 2015)
The Guinness World Record entry for the longest play depicts a tale of two contrasting families (No family and Yes family), emphasising how a positive attitude directly impacts on the quality of life. 
Running Time: Approx. 24 hours, 20 mins, 2 secs

Well, I know which one I’d rather see!
Check out Part 3 of my blog tomorrow for the longest and shortest plays that I’ve ever seen.


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