Audience Adventures explores ‘out of the norm’ cinema, theatre and cultural events.  From film screenings in unusual locations to theatre that requires audience participation to ‘goddamn I’m running down the street being chased by wannabe zombies’, this blog is intended to take a look at the new and out-of-the-ordinary pieces of work that baulk at boundaries to create unique experiences for audiences.

I first came across this kind of ‘event’ culture when my parents took me (aged 10) to the renowned Alien Wars at The Arches.  What were they thinking?!?  My second such experience was Vanishing Point’s A Brief History of Time in my late teens, which I went to on my own as a wannabe reviewer for the student paper.  Both of these were formative and unforgettable experiences in my life.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed seeking out theatrical and cinematic works and screenings, which take liberties with form to create all-sensory experiential ‘events’.  Anything from subverting traditional techniques to simply relocating to a space or place that is unexpected.  They don’t all need to be full on participatory theatre experiences to peak my interest.  Low-brow or high-brow, mightily left-field or timidly just-off conventional – I am interested!


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