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National Collective
Since February 2014, I have been contributing articles on film & cinema to the National Collective – a non-party movement for artists and creatives who support Scottish independence. The National Collective aim to inspire a tidal-wave of change, confidence and creativity across Scotland, by arguing the positive case for independence and imagining a better Scotland.

Check out my articles for the National Collective:

Uncovering Scotland’s Film Festivals (June 2014) – Taking a look at Scotland’s eclectic film festival scene, which is so vast and varied that even the most ardent of cinephiles could not be left wanting for more.

Scottish Film & TV and Dealing with the Loss of Pinewood (March 2014) – Exploring the buoyant state of Scotland’s Film & TV industry, following a turbulent month of both positive and negative news announcements for this potentially lucrative industry.

Glasgow Film Festival 2014: What’s Happening and What to See (February 2014) – A preview of the Glasgow Film Festival’s 10th edition, including a top ten pick of the festival for inspiration on what to see and do.


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